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​Q: Why should you use our services?
A: We have a long history with extensive experience in 3D modeling, design, printing and manufacturing.

Q: Why should you trust us?
A: We pride ourselves on customer service, communication, competitive pricing, and on-time delivery.

We also offer remote 3D design and modeling contract services with or without NDAs.

​​There are several different methods of 3D printing, and all kinds of 3D printers. The most widely used process is known as Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM). A spool of filament is loaded into the 3D printer and fed through a printer nozzle in the extrusion head, which is heated to a desired temperature. The motor pushes the filament through the heated nozzle, causing it to melt. The head follows specified coordinates from the 3D design and lays the molten material onto the build plate where it cools and solidifies.
This process of printing cross-sections is repeated, building layer-upon-layer until the object is fully formed. Depending on the geometry of the object, it is sometimes necessary to add support structures, for example, if a model has steep overhanging parts. The support is then removed after printing completing the process.

I you need something designed, 3D printed or just have questions, please contact us at: Contact – Action 3D Print or directly at Action 3D Print

3D Printing Process